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Welcome to ABM Computers site. We are here to help anyone who needs help in computer programming or any related matter to computers. We are not speculating or contemplate that we are the best. Certainly not, what we are conveying and would like to pass on our knowledge to those who require it. There is no shame in asking anyone for help. That’s how we obtain knowledge. We are not ashamed to admit it. Why would we? Everyone has learned something from someone. Please do ask us if you need help with anything or any subjects relating to computers.

Are you interested in making GAMES for Android and other devices? If you are, the best software we @ ABM Computers, authorized you to use Construct 2 from SCIRRA. We have tested much software but, not, one can compare or measure up to it. Ashley and his team have done very well with this product. Like other software you will need some plug-in but, with Construct 2 everything come with it. All you budding and promising game creator will welcome it. Sometime you will come across something that you do not understand or not functioning the way you intended.

Who can you ask?

Best, one can do is Google it, or ask on yahoo answer or maybe your best friends. Whatever you do and you found your answer then best of luck but, if you cannot find your answer. We are here to help you much as possible if we can. Please do not ask us how to hack someone site or hack anything because we will not respond to your question. We will report you to the proper authority. Therefore beware do not ask such questions. We have tutorial demos for Construct 2. You can download it and modify as you wish. No copyrights but, for sprite used in this demo might not be free. Please be warned. Happy programming and good luck (Lord Shiva) Champaklal Patel

We at ABM Computers are very proud and delighted to recommend and highly urge for you to use Construct 2 game developer software for creating games for any platform. Android, IPAD, Tablets, to name few. No hard work involved. Drag and drop. Simplified coding. No fancy syntax to remember. Please note you cannot design the 3D game with this software but if you use 3 rd party plug-in than no problem at all.

As you already know Construct 3 is out, your choice to use Construct 2 or 3, up to an individual person. We cannot force anyone to do or use Construct 2, 3.


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